HelpThe Sox!!!!

I strongly believe that this is the most important All-Star Game for Sox fans since 1999. You remember the Teddy Ballgame ceremony. The tears. The worship of a legend by fellow legends alike. That was epic. The 2011 game may or may not give you the chills, but your votes for the American League All-Star team might be big for this year’s Sox squad. Big enough, in fact, to provide you with chills come World Series time.

I’m sure most baseball fans are aware that the winner of the All-Star game gets home-field advantage in the World Series. I’m also sure most of you are aware that our upcoming series is against the odds-on favorites to be the NL representatives in this year’s World Series. Do you see where I’m going with this?  Read on…

Have you watched  the last 3 games against Pittsburgh? The offense formerly known as the Boston Red Sox looked an awful lot like the Houston Astros, averaging a scant 3 runs per contest. Starting tomorrow evening, the Sox begin a 3-game set at the Philadelphia Phillies, odds on favorites to win the National League. With the No DH rule in effect, the lineup could feature Big Papi or AGON on the bench against the Majors most formidable rotation. Complicating things further is that two of these  starters throw from the left side.

Having AGON in right-field and Papi at first doesn’t solve the problem either. Talk about a drop-off in defense, speed and arm strength. Risks I’m not willing to take when the importance of a single run is at nail-biting levels.

Now, if the National League wins the All-Star game and the Phillies win the NL Championship Series, we would have to face the dilemma of having either AGON or Papi on the bench 4 times in a best of seven series. After watching the Pirates series this weekend and the 3 runs per game, what do you think the talents of  Halladay, Lee, Hamels and Oswalt will have against us?  Do you really want to watch the above-mentioned lineup scenarios play out in Game 7 at Philadelphia?

Hell NO!!!

After letting these thoughts marinate, I jumped on over to to cast my votes. You can fill-out 25 ballots per person. My picks below.

AL Votes

1B) A. Gonzalez (BOS) .361 16 HR 71 RBI (25 votes)… numbers say it all, plus Gold Glove caliber “D”

2B) R. Cano (NYY) .290 14 HR 48 RBI (25 votes) …  Cano’s the best hitter & I’d rather have Pedroia rest his body for the All-Star break

SS) A. Cabrera (CLE) .293 12 HR 44 RBI (25 votes)… breakout season, web-gem defensive whiz

3B) K. Youkilis (BOS) .275 11 HR 55 RBI (25 votes)…. yes I know AROD’s got the numbers so I’m sending him beans to chew on the pine while Cameron Diaz picks out the splinters.

C) A. Avila (DET) .303 10 HR 45 RBI (25 votes) … Mauer has  missed too much time and Avila is the best catcher left after him

OF) J. Bautista (TOR) .328 23 HR 49 RBI (25 votes)… Joey Bats, Joey Bombs, Joey Beans, a Stud in other words

OF) J. Hamilton (TEX) .293 7 HR 35 RBI (25 votes)… last year’s MVP, healthy and getting hot at the right time

OF) J. Ellsbury (BOS) .309 9 HR 39RBI 25 SB (18 votes)… gave C. Granderson (NYY) .276 21HR 55RBI (7 votes)

That’s my team!!!!!  Now its your turn, just click on the logo at the top of this post … but hurry the game is July 12, 2011 and we all know waiting until the last second is waiting too long.

Debates on my picks are highly encouraged. Post your comments to get it started!!!

Note: I took the guy with the worst stats at every NL position thereby enhancing our chances of victory.

2 Responses to “HelpThe Sox!!!!”
  1. Wally Bean says:

    Well done coach!!! I may follow your lead and cast my votes today. Time permitting.

  2. Coach, after the 5-0 complete game shut-out by Cliff Lee tonight, your point rings through loud and clear. Posting my picks soon

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