9 Responses to “Occupy Lansdowne Street”
  1. Nick says:

    You liken Henry to Vader…do you think he can be redeemed? Can this redemption bring harmony and peace to the gala-….err, Red Sox Nation? I think he may be more like the Emperor; after all, Henry was not lured by a powerful mentor. He’s done it all himself.

    I’m glad you pointed out the pock-marks. Because those are glaring, to say the least. Much like Edward James Olmos’ under stage lights. And NESN is a huge spin machine…the sports world’s Tilt-A-Whirl.

    I do want to play devil’s advocate for a few sentences. Schilling. Foulke. Lowell. Pedroia. Ellsbury. Youk. Papelbon. Bringing in V-Mart was great; letting him go was not.
    And, above all, Mae and Watney (I’d like to get a hold of their contracts, dammit). There has been some brilliance during this regime.

    Papi’s steroid/HGH/caffeine/super glue use was probably not isolated. I’m sure a majority of players in MLB were involved during that period, and that the lackluster “expozaaaay” regarding his involvement was just par for the course.

    I do love the Xmas reference I really miss Dunkin’ Donuts for crissakes!!!. And the reference to the media abuse of the Sox legends. And the bath salts thing.

    I hope the off-season is fruitful for us. We may be losing some of the limelight to the NL Central. Perhaps that’ll give us time to heal and re-load.

    Go Pats! Go Bruins!

    • J.B. Knox says:

      All great points Nick. I guess I likened him to Vader because I feel he was more like Annakin at the beginning of “a new hope” and was lured by the lavishness and excessive dominance of the Emperor, e.g. the Yankees. In his quest for defeating them, he essentially had to become them.

      No Doubt that the Sox have certainly had their gems when it comes to their signings/trades with Schill, Ells, Lowell, Pedroia and I would even put the AGON trade and Lester’s contract in there with it, but I was most certainly in a negative mood and these bright spots were far from my mind, most likely due to the fact that I’ve felt the “Spermuda Triangle” that is Henry, Lucchino and Werner have distracted us into a “What have you done for me lately, pov.” The Nomar trade by itself was one of the most brilliant moves I’ve seen a GM make and that move was approved by the owners.

      The Papi incident was not isolated and fell into a widespread MLB epidemic, but the spin as we’ve referred to by the NESN tilt-a-whirl was orchestrated by the PR dept and owners of the team.

      I agree with the hopes of a fruitful off-season. I’m hoping that after a swift apology that these fools see the light, stay away from the cameras for awhile and let Cherington do his job (if they decide to go in his direction.)

      Thanks for the comments Nick , hope you enjoy the rest of the playoffs and yes Go Pats!!!! Go Bs!!!!!

    • Gary Pole says:

      Thanks for the reply NICK.

  2. sam scorchel says:

    Anyone can drop the ball half-way through the season, but I still want to go see the RedSox play next year, regardless. Lets Goooo!

  3. Gary Pole says:

    Any idea how much the average sox fan spends on those bastards every year? Especially those fans who only go out to one or two games a year? They end up spending like 500 bucks, per family, for each game and for what? To watch some washed up, over paid, friend chicken engorged, Chunky-Monkey’s go 2 1/3 shitty innings? This is BS. I am Angry. The lack of humility/responsibility and work ethic is staggering. I hope it turns around for us next year. I say fire all the veterans who aren’t under contract and get some young guys who are DYING for a chance to play for a team most can only dream of being a part of. I know I wanted to play for them, and if I ever had a chance I would surely not waste my time(let alone that of all the fans and teammates) bullshitting in the club house, pounding fried food and Budweiser… If you don’t want the job, then fucking quit or get traded or get lost, or go play in traffic…Just don’t play grabbyass with each other and expect any other treatment. I AM NOT DONE YET!!!!!

    No, not done at all. The reason no one gives the AA Portland Seadog’s any crap for anything really, (forgetting the whole “professional” aspect), is that tickets are 8$ not 80$ and the beers are 4$ not 10$. If you want Minor league type performances…you better start charging minor prices Boston…GET It. If these clowns want to screw around and joke about baseball then I am sure there is a cushy roster spot in the Minors..where they can get paid what they are worth… a wet paper bag full of Mustang Sally’s and unsalted peanuts.
    P.S. Pedroia, Crawford, Ellsbury, Agon and PAP can stay.


  4. J.B. Knox says:

    Mustang Sally’s!!!! The absolute worse kind of cigarette there is out there, smoked by the carriage pushing dwellers of the earth and then re-smoked by their buddies after ashing has been done.

    Moves must be made. Papelbon is probably gone in exchange for Heath Bell (SD) is my hope. Id love to see Ortiz go and yes I will have a completely separate article for that one issue in itself. The bullpen and defense on the left side of the field SS, 3B and LF all needs to be revamped.

    We need young blood in the mix, willing to follow Dutty Pedroia like he’s William effin Wallace. Slap the “C” on that guy’s jersey already and get a vocal leader in that clubhouse.

  5. Nick says:

    Yeah, Gary, you (aw heck, we all) have a right to be angry. Like JB said, Henry, Lucchino, and Werner have developed this aloof air about them. Makes me almost wish for a Steinbrenner type of regime *Egads, did I just say that?*

    Schilling had some good comments on Baseball Tonight last night about the state of the clubhouse and Francona’s departure. Leave it to #38 to speak his mind.

  6. Gary Pole says:

    A revamping is definitely necessary. Upon further investigation I suppose it is the lack of self awareness from the players i.e. pro ball player, millions of adoring kids watching every move, huge contracts, god-like status… one would think that these factors alone would make anyone humbled. Let’s hope more players start looking at Pedroia and model their efforts after his. If they can illustrate just a fraction of the zest, heart and balls on the field ( Welker, you too) then we will be in great shape.

  7. They have really screwed up on every side of things. No stability at the top, and limited roster moves can be made. Will be interesting to see what will happen going forward.

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