NFL Week 7 Game Picks: Chargers at Jets

So we’re back for the second installment of ┬áInside The Knox Score, where we breakdown each game on the NFL docket. For all of these games we cover key matchups on both sides of the ball as well as predict fantasy numbers, pick straight up winners , over/under predictions and the winner when taking the … Continue reading

Inside The Knox Score: Rams at Packers

I’m not sure what there is to say about this game that hasn’t already been said. The Rams have no chance to win this game not in Green Bay, not in St. Louis. Not unless something terrible happens to Aaron Rodgers in the parking lot, say maybe he runs into Mr. Miyagi-san who just happens … Continue reading

Inside the Knox Score: Bills at Giants

This will be the first release of “Inside the Knox Score.” In these game breakdowns, we will be giving you football betting trends, score predictions to help you handicap NFL games as well as some fantasy predictions within the game. This information is useful for those of you using football cards, survivor pools, in fantasy … Continue reading